Monday, October 26, 2015

Sleek Brows with Beauty Ink and Skin

Posted by Tara

I am sure you are wondering what are Sleek Brows? I had never heard of it till a few months ago when my lash lady was telling me about it. She was currently being trained and said it was impressive what you can do to transform eyebrows.

I have always thought I had decent eyebrows as long as I filled in with a pencil. (For these before photos I was asked not to wax for 10-14 days prior to appointment.) I knew they could use some improvement, and I felt if nothing else, I would get to see how they should be properly formed. 
First Kristin threaded my brows. I usually wax, but they prefer threading. With threading you can pull the hair out in rows creating a straight line and helping shape the eyebrow quicker. 

After threading she measure my eyebrows with my eyes. This is such a huge part of what she does. You want to make sure the eyebrows line up and measure correctly for the face as well as the eyes. 
Once I was all measure she got started with the 3D paint. This is where she would fill in any areas where I had no hair. This process took longer on my left brow than my right. Since I still have sufficient hair, the paint process went quickly. 

On to the tiny extensions. She then applied tiny hairs where it was needed to my brows. I have such a hard time telling the difference between my own hair and the ones she applied.
I love how they turned out and it has been so nice for the last few days not filling in my eyebrows or being worried during my runs/workouts that my penciled brows were going to smudge.

If you are interested in trying out some Sleek Brows with Kristin at Beauty Ink and Skin, all of her info is below! 
Kristin Seisinger

Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram for awesome before and after photos!

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