Friday, October 24, 2014

Date Night with Glossy Box

Posted by Tara

I recently received my first GlossyBox, and I'm super excited to share with you what I got inside this fun box! I decided to use my GlossyBox to get ready for a date night with the family. So many great products in one box.
One of the first things that caught my eye was the Sesha Skin Therapy Botanical Hydro Mask. I have never done a face mask like this before, and was excited to give it a try. It says to leave on for up to 30 minutes, so I showered while it worked its magic.

These photos have not been edited. The first picture is me after I washed my face. The second is what it looks like with it on (Happy Halloween!). When I took it off, my face felt really soft and smooth. Did it remove blemishes, no. But I don't think that is what is was supposed to do. I felt like it helped my dry skin and hydrated everything. Just what I needed living here in Arizona. 

When I opened the box I was very excited to see the name Tarte. I have love Tarte cosmetics for a few years now. I wear their blush daily and love their foundation as well. The Tarte LipSurgence pencil adds the perfect touch of color to my lips. The color I got was Flush. It is a lovely pink color. Here I paired it with a dark lip gloss. 
Next in the box was a travel size bottle of perfume. I feel like I am pretty picky about my perfumes and sprays, and when I smelled this one, I felt like it was a perfect fit. It's called Amore by Vincent Camuto. I have worn it everyday since I got this box! No lie. 


I always have my nails painted. I wear all different colors. I've really been loving all the dark colors for the fall. The Nails, Inc. matte finish adds a new touch to painted nails. I'm not really a huge fan of matte nails, but I tried it on a ring finger to add some texture and it didn't look bad. 
In the box was a sample of the Proganix Root Boot Finish and Body Builder. I towel dried my hair, applied my Moroccan Oil (Can't live without that stuff), then sprayed a few sprays to my roots before blow drying. You can even add a few sprays to your already finished hair as well. Such a great product! I'm always down for adding freshness to my hair and style. 
On top of all these great products, I also received a $40 gift card to Hello For all those that struggle with getting dinner on the table, this company does all the hard work for you. You go to their website and pick your ingredients and they put together recipes and box them and ship to you weekly or bi-monthly. All the recipes are quick and healthy. You can't beat that!
Thanks for checking out my contents to my GlossyBox. If you are interested in getting your own every month with lots of surprise beauty products, follow this link to learn more!



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