Tuesday, October 28, 2014

BUHS District 2014 Bond Post III

Elections are almost here! Are you informed about the issues in your community? Voting is an important and crucial part to being a responsible and involved citizen and every vote counts. When we were approached to share information about this Bond to our local readers, we agreed in hopes that it would help residents in our area make informed decisions on election day. No matter how you are voting this year, make your voice heard!

** This post is part of a campaign sponsored by The Citizens of Quality Education to spread awareness and provide information about the Buckeye Union High School District Bond to local residents. All opinions in this post are not our own. **

Don't let the minority be the majority!

We have over 8,000 parents/guardians in our district and many, many, many more supportive community members.  However, only a few thousand voters have turned in their early ballots and voter turnout at the polls is historically low, this allowing the minority to speak for the majority.

By voting, and voting yes in support of the BUHSD Bond and for candidates that support education, you can have your voice heard that our kids are important and they are a key component to our present and our future.

The tax rate will NOT increase.  Previous debt is being retired, thus creating capacity for funding within the same tax rates.  Actually the combined primary and secondary 2014 BUHSD tax rate was REDUCED by $0.14!

The schools of BUHSD are quality schools with quality teachers and quality kids.  Support these efforts and invest in the future of our kids by supporting the bond initiative.  Arizona continues to be at the bottom in funding for schools, but a YES vote for the bond combats this lack of funding, at least at the local level, and supporting solution orientated candidates that supports education can help move the entire state forward, thus creating a brighter future for kids and a more attractive Arizona.


In 2007, the Buckeye Union High School District Governing Board took an important step in “Growing Smart” by directing District Administration to design and build schools to house 2,000 students.  This accomplished two important tasks.  One, the district could reduce the number of schools it would need in the future by nearly 50% which would save money and tax dollars for our community.  Second, the 2,000 student school would have the necessary enrollment to offer a variety of classes and extra-curricular activities to meet the student's needs, but our youth would enjoy the “small school” feel that has been very important to our community.

The Buckeye Union High School District is seeking a bond election this November.  Included in the bond program is the expansion of the existing campuses to support an enrollment of 2,000 students each.  This will allow the district to “Grow Smart” and reduce the costs to our community members by requiring the construction of only one additional high school in the next decade based on the current levels of student enrollment growth.  Please join me in supporting the district with a “Yes” vote on the bond election in November.” 
         –Craig Jones, BUHSD Board Member

Our community has supported the Buckeye Union High School District bond elections in the past.  The district has been good stewards of our taxpayer dollars and has delivered quality facilities that directly benefit our students.  To protect our investment, we need to continue to provide funding to maintain and renovate school buildings and grounds.  If we continue to wait patiently for the State of Arizona to meet their funding obligations, our students will not receive the facilities they so strongly deserve. Please join me in voting “Yes” on November 4th and let's continue to invest in the students of our community.
    –Charlene Powers, Community Member


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