Friday, July 25, 2014

Indoor Picnic with Tiny Prints Pillows

Posted by Devin

I realize in most parts of the world, summertime is the time of the year that it feels great to be outdoors: running and playing and enjoying the weather. But here in Arizona, summertime tends to be the time of the year that we are stuck indoors. Unless you are in the pool, it's usually just too darn hot to be outside! But whether it's winter snow or extreme summer heat keeping you indoors, it's always nice to try to find fun things to do with the kiddos in the house when you need to beat a bad case of cabin fever!

On top of the high temps, the boys and I have also been suffering from head colds for the past couple of weeks. We were desperately needing something fun to do in the house. It was time for an indoor picnic! 

Do you ever do this with your kiddos? We do it a lot during the summertime, but this time we decided to make it even more special with books and games and some fun decorations, in addition to our lunch. And the best decoration of all? Our new pillows from Tiny Prints

Did you know that Tiny Prints has now added pillows to their list of fantastic products? I designed these super cute pillows online just a few short weeks ago using my very own pictures of some of our family's most beloved places. The top pillow is made with a picture I took at our favorite creek near our family cabin and the bottom pillow is a shot I snapped of a cool old car we love in our neighborhood. What better way to bring the outdoors inside than with printed pillows?! Designing the pillows was really easy. Here are the photos I used to create mine:

Once I uploaded my images, I was able to edit them to make my pillows look just how I wanted and then personalize them with our family name. I am such a sucker for personalized stuff. It makes everything even better, right? I couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out! Such a fun and personal touch to add to our indoor picnic and to my living room couch (which is where I plan on keeping them)!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Our indoor picnic was a welcome change and a fun activity for this house-bound family. And I'm excited to use these fun pillows for more picnics to come! I hope I gave you a little inspiration for an indoor picnic of your own!

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