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Chicken Coop Sign Tutorial

Posted by Devin
Earlier this week I posted everything you'd want to know about our chickens here at our little farm in my Chicken Coop Basics post. ;) As promised, I now have the tutorial for the sign I made for our coop! This sign is super simple to make and I have you all hooked up if you'd like to make your own.

Here's what you'll need:
Piece of wood - The dimensions of mine are 30 x 11" and the wood thickness is 3/4".
Coop sign vinyl - I designed this sign and my great friend Beth made the vinyl for me. If you would like to purchase the vinyl to make this sign, check out her website: . The price of the vinyl is $5 per square foot, so depending on the size of your sign, this project is super cheap!
Paint - I chose white and a mixture of two yellows I had, but you can use any colors you like!
Sponge brush
Card - Any type of credit card or club card. Not for purchasing anything, just as a tool. You'll see. ;)
Hanging hardware - Check out what picture hanging hardware your local hardware store has in stock to find what will work best for you. It depends on how and where you are planning on hanging your sign.

Step 1: Turn the vinyl over and using your card press firmly all over the back paper. This will help the vinyl to adhere to the clear plastic sheet on the front of the vinyl.

Step 2: Line up the vinyl where you want it to be placed on your wood sign. I used a tape mesure to make sure I had everything centered and I made a little mark with pencil on my sign and on my vinyl to show where it was lined up.

Step 3: Pull the clear covering with the vinyl attached to it, away from the blue paper backing. If any of the vinyl tries to stay stuck to the blue backing, simply roll it back together, press the vinyl to the clear covering with your fingers, and peel away again. That usually works.

Step 4: Set the vinyl back on the sign, making sure to line it up with the marks you have already made. At this point you may want to double check that everything is centered and lined up how you want it.

Step 5: Using your card again, press all over the top of the vinyl to get the vinyl to adhere to the wood. Making sure your wood is sanded and clean will help the vinyl to adhere better. Once you have rubbed all over the top of the vinyl, it is time to pull away the clear covering on the top. This is the trickiest part as the vinyl often wants to stay stuck to the clear covering. I have found that pulling it away at a diagnol and at an angle close to 180 degrees from the wood surface helps it to come off easier. Also, I use my card to hold down any areas that the clear covering is pulling on as I remove it. Go slowly and you will be fine. Remember, this is the hardest part so just take your time and get it right.

Step 6: Line up the second section of your vinyl. Because my sign is larger, the vinyl had to be made in two sheets. If you make a smaller sign, you may end up with only one sheet of vinyl. Again, I lined it up with the marks I had previously made and with the vinyl I already had placed on the wood.

Step 7: Again, press and rub all over the top of the vinyl with your card and then pull away the top plastic covering. Use the same method and tips I mentioned in Step 5.

It should look something like this when you are done.

Step 8: Now that the vinyl is set, it is time to paint! Take your sponge brush and dip it in your paint. Sponge it off a few times before you begin to dapple it on your sign. You don't want much excess paint on your brush when you are applying it to prevent it from seeping underneath the vinyl. Apply the paint to each of the letters in your chosen colors.

Step 9: I usually only let my paint dry for a few minutes before I remove my vinyl. I don't like it to get too dry because it runs the risk of some of the paint pulling up with the vinyl if it does. Be careful to not let your vinyl drop as you are removing it. You don't want any wet paint on the vinyl to accidentally get on your sign. Pull off the large sheet first and then go back and remove all of the small pieces from the centers of the letters.

And there you have it! Once your sign is dry it is ready to go! Simply apply your hanging hardware and hang where you please! Doesn't ours look cute out at our coop?!

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