Monday, April 14, 2014

"Frozen" Ombré Party Cake

Posted by Tara

My only girl just had her first real birthday party. She turned 5 this month and has always wanted a princess party. For all of her previous birthdays we have done something low key with just family invited, but this year I wanted to do something special. We invited her two favorite girls and had a simple Frozen party. I didn't want anything too high maintenance, so we stuck with easy stuff!

For her cake, I wanted to make something I hadn't attempted before. I had seen this super pretty frosting technique online before and thought it would work well for this Frozen cake. Here is my first attempt!

I started by buying and preparing a Vanilla Cake box mix. I first made two cakes in 8 inch round pans, but didn't think the cake had enough height when stacked. So I ended up making one more 8 inch round cake for a triple layered cake.

After the cakes cooled, I trimmed the tops of them with a serrated knife so they would be more level when stacking.

I had tossed around the idea of using chocolate buttercream for the filling, but opted for something easier. I had just made Freezer Strawberry Jam earlier in the week and had plenty to spare. I spread the yummy jam in between each layer and was sooo happy I did! It added the perfect touch of fresh sweetness to the cake!

Once all the layers were ready to frost, I made my frosting and started by filling in any big gaps on the sides of the cake with frosting. See how there are some gaps in between my layers? I filled in those as well as any on the top or bottom I may have had. You'll want a nice smooth surface of frosting before beginning the decorative frosting elements.

To make my frosting, I just googled a butter cream recipe that I felt was simple. Mine was:

4 sticks of unsalted butter
2 lbs powdered sugar
pinch of salt
2 tsp of vanilla (if its pure)
4-6 tbsp of milk or whipping cream
Cream butter till fluffy. Slowly add sugar and salt. Then add vanilla and slowly milk till consistency desired.

After I finished the first frosting layer, it was time to make the scalloped design on the sides. I used gel food coloring to make my two shades of blue because I was worried regular food coloring might change the consistency of my frosting. The frosting needs to be prety firm and not runny to hold it's shape after being applied to the cake. The color I choose was Wilton's Royal Blue gel food coloring from Party City.

To add this type of food coloring, I simply insert a toothpick into the gel and remove the desired amount. For the darker blue frosting, I used 2 toothpicks with quite a bit of gel on it. For the lighter blue, I only used 1 toothpick with gel on it. I thought about trying to do one more layer of color, but felt I was running out of room and time. Neela really wanted the top to be white, so I finished the top with the regular white butter cream. 

This was my first time, so the close up looks worse then from far away, lol! I started on the bottom with the darkest color. Fill your piping bag and put a large dollop on your cake using a large round tip. It should be about the size of a marble. Then using a small spoon, press the dollop to one side and drag away in the opposite direction. Do that all the way around the cake, making two lines with each color. Once I got in the rhythm of pressing the spoon after each dollop, it went quicker than I expected.

I wanted to top the cake with some Frozen figurines, but let me tell you how NO STORES have any in stock. So if you decide to do your own cake and want something on top, make sure your local stores carry them or get them online from Amazon or Walmart beforehand. Or you can make your own by following Devin's Frozen Peg Dolls tutorial!

Regardless of how much I worried about the cake or how well it turned out, Neela loved it and was so excited! She didn't ask about figurines up top, she was just excited about her Frozen-colored cake!

Not only was this cake pretty but it tasted delicious! This is an easy and simple cake that you could do with any color and for any birthday!

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At April 17, 2014 at 10:42 AM , Blogger Mandy Hank said...

Great looking cake Tara! You did a fabulous job :)

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